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Vacumatic Cookware is a Worthy Investment!

Every pan has multi ply on the bottom and sides. The ply that comes in direct contact with the food is made with Type 316 Ti (titanium) surgical stainless steel+titanium.  You are assured that there is no chemical reaction. All of the positive attributes of this alloy is ultimately benefiting your health.

The outside layer is made of Type 439 Ti (titanium) surgical stainless steel+titanium. The hard wearing surface is easy to clean and is hygienic. The special steel activates your induction stove and has a mirror finish.

The heat conducting inner core is made of aluminum or aluminum alloys and picks up the lowest setting of energy extremely quickly. The heat conduction is uniform and most suited for induction stoves. Vegetables cook at 165 °F or 75°C. Belkraft’s low heat cooking retains and maximizes the natural flavor and goodness of your food.

In Belkraft cookware, the internal temperature never reaches the boiling point.  During the cooking process, the body of the pot consisting of a special heavy gauge heat-conducting core, which is the same thickness along the bottom and up the sides, allows hot humid air to rise and make contact with the upper sides and lids of the pot where the temperature is much cooler.  A vacuum vapour occurs at this point, bathing foods in their own nutrient laden moisture.

Whistle while you work:  The whistle valve on the lids will notify you when the correct temperatures have been reached and to turn the heat off or down.   The Vacumatic cookware lid is designed and constructed to fit perfectly.  A special condensation groove takes the hot humid air and forms a thin film of water between the pot and lid to assure that the container maintains an airtight seal during the vacuum cooking process.  Precious nutrients cannot escape; no evaporation occurs and there are no unpleasant kitchen odours, no burnt meals!

Whistle valve control:  The Belkraft cooking system includes details that other manufacturers never consider.  Take for example your ability to regulate the cooking process without lifting the lid with our whistle valve.  Our new whistle valve allows you to regulate the cooking process with an acoustic signal allowing for the optimal application of our unique cooking system.

The handles:  The construction of our handles allows for a more solid hold.  Since the handles do not heat up, the units can be carried without potholders.  They are replaceable, interchangeable, dishwasher safe, oven proof and guaranteed for 50 years.  They take up to 437°F in the oven.

The rim:  All Belkraft cookware rims are designed to prevent dripping when pouring liquids.

The design:  Exclusive, timeless beauty and perfect function are the prime principles for the development of all Belkraft products.

Belkraft means cooking with the system!

The Belkraft cooking system savings really add up!

  1. Savings in time:  With Belkraft Vacumatic cookware, you can cut your meal preparation time in half.  If you save ½ hour daily, it adds up to 15 hours monthly.  At $10.00 an hour, this adds up to $150.00 monthly, $1800.00 yearly.
  2. Energy savings:  Studies show that the average family of 4 spends $40.00 a month on energy used for cooking.  With Vacumatic, you can save half of that bill, or, $20.00 monthly.
  3. Savings in cooking fats:  With Vacumatic, you hardly need oil or fat for broiling or cooking anymore, saving up to 80%.  The average family spends $5.00 a week to keep the meat from sticking to the pan, save $20.00 monthly.
  4. Savings in food:  Gastronomes allow 5 ounces of meat to provide a 3 ½ ounce serving.  With the Vacumatic Greaseless cooking system, you only need to buy 3.8 ounces to serve 3.5 ounces.
  5. Savings in utensils:  Belkraft Vacumatic has a 50 year or lifetime warranty!  You never need to purchase cookware again.  If that $360.00 sets lasts 3 years, it really costs you $10.00 monthly and you never get to enjoy the convenience and health benefits of a good set.
  6. Savings in calories:  It is estimated that you save 300 calories daily cooking the greaseless way.  This adds up to a one-pound weight loss every 12 days without any major changes to your diet.
  7. The “try it in your own home” advantage:  You have the unique opportunity to learn all about the advantages of the Vacumatic cooking system and evaluate the potential purchase in your own home without distraction or pressure. If you saw other cookware such as Lifetime, Saladmaster, Americraft, Kitchenkraft, you will love our BelKraft factory direct pricing, saving you 40% or more.

Belkraft stands behind its products.  You have a 50 year or lifetime warranty; 149 years of know-how development and years of research makes this possible.  Belkraft offers a unique product that will delight you forever!

Eat healthy, live better, live longer!

We guarantee this!!!