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Lynda M. Miller, Author of “By Force, or By Choice”

Belkraft Cookware is some of the finest available worldwide! As a 25yr+ customer of Belkraft, I first got my complete cookware set as an engagement gift from my mom, Mary, who was a wonderful cook. She said, “you will use them every day, so I might as well spend a little more and buy you the best! If you treat them with care, they will last a lifetime” and they have… They’re just as shiny as when new, and sets include a great cookbook too! Belkraft provides quality products and service; with the extra “attention to detail”, that is a rare commodity in today’s fast-paced world. It’s a product and company that can be counted on for excellence. Their recent line has been redesigned for induction cooking and has a core of 7 plies. The product list is structured in such a way that you can buy various sets, or as individual pieces – 2, 3 quart pots, roasting pans and even extra lids or handles. Belkraft Cookware has a lifetime warranty for all of their customers, including repairs or replacements. I know you can count on them!