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Linda Pearce

In 1967 my Mother started monthly payments on what I believe to be a “23 Piece Master Chef Set” (Vacumatic is stamped on the bottom). I got married in December of that year and as part of my wedding gifts she gave me the set — and the monthly payment book. At the time, it seemed like a lot of money to pay for pots and pans. Over time I’ve learned what a bargain I got! After 42 years of continual use they still serve us well. I do need one or two repairs to handles and will work on getting those fixed through this site soon. The only piece that I’ve lost over the years is my smallest saucepan. When my daughter moved away to her own home and was setting up her kitchen she asked if she could have that to take with her. It hurt to let it go, but I did give in. I still miss it! May have to check to see if that one piece can be purchased to make my set complete again. Thanks for a quality product!