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I was searching the web for Vacumatic Cookware, trying to find replacement short side handles for a couple of my pots. This was when I stumbled onto your site. I never knew to contact BelKraft. I only knew to look for Vacumatic, because it’s written under my cookware.

I was on my first job after finishing Nursing School when I saw a notice that a salesperson was doing demonstrations on this “waterless” cookware in the dietary department.  I decided to see the demonstration and well, needless to say, I was sold.

This was my first major purchase. I don’t remember exactly how much, but they were quite costly and they threw in a set of China, white with platinum edges. I still have those too.

With the exception of a couple of broken side handles, my cookware still looks and cooks like new. My china set is still beautiful also.

When my husband and I married, we received another set of “really nice”, other name brand cookware from other nurses and doctors I worked with.  Not many knew I had spent so much money on this other set.

A couple of my friends, also new nurses had said it was really stupid to pay so much money for this cookware. Well, I still have these and the other set has been long gone.

I’m still really close to a few of my friends from back then and they can’t believe that the entire set still looks like new.

I have had this cookware for 40+ years and plan to pass it on to my daughter in maybe another 40 years or so when I’m finished with it. I am truly glad I made such a wise choice so many years ago.

Love my Vacumatic Cookware!