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Helen Page

I have owned my vacumatic cookware for 43 years. I have tried varies other cookware over these years (including the fancy Frency stuff) and nothing compares. When I was in law school (nights), I only had the short time between work and school to prepare dinner for myself and my daughter. Happily, I put rice in the pot, chicken on top, and broccoli (or other vegetable) on top: presto, dinner within 30 minutes! When I was first paying for my cookware, my brother even made payments for me when I was unemployed. I was reminded tonight of the great value of this product when I cooked very tender beef/tomato sauce stove-top in less than half the time it might have taken otherwise. Thank you for continuing manufacture of this wonderful product. I’ve tried to spread the word, but people really don’t believe what a wonderful product this it.