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D. Ayliffe

Thanks for your help with everything.  As for that testimonial…

I’ve owned my Vacumatic cookware set for 30 years and have often boasted about having the greatest pots and pans one could find.  However, I never dreamt they could conceivably avert a near disaster.

One busy Sunday, in a preoccupied moment, I left the house for 1 and ½ hours with something cooking on my gas stove in a Vacumatic 2-quart saucepan.  Getting out of my van on my return home, I could hear the smoke detectors going off.  In fear, I opened the door expecting flames.  Instead, I could see some smoke, and I could certainly smell it.  Racing in, I found the contents in the pot burnt to a crisp and smoke rising from it.  Except for charred food around the inside and some blackness on the outside bottom, the saucepan itself appeared to be fine.  I have no doubt a lesser quality pot would have easily burnt through the bottom, possibly resulting in the handle meeting the flame and who knows what from there.

I still can’t believe it.  Nor can my friends and family when I show them the saucepan.  What a lifesaver!