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Back in 1975 we were a young couple just starting out trying to live on a buck sargent’s pay when this door to door salesman came to our apartment selling pots and pans. My husband invited him in and we listened to his sales pitch. I was furious with my husband when he spent $1000.00 of our savings to buy a set of the surgical steel, stack-able cookware! I did at least get to decide if the bottom would be copper or plain. I hate polishing copper so we went with plain. It was a huge set of cookware. It even came with three graduated mixing bowls and cake pans!

36 years later there is not a day that goes by that I am not exceptionally glad that my husband was “suckered into” buying that cookware from a door to door salesman. Over the years people have permanently borrowed some of the set, much to my chagrin, and a few pot handles and lid handles needed to be screwed back on tight but I have loved that cookware since day one. I burned plenty of meals in my day, and one time it was so bad that everyone was sure I would have to throw the pot away. It took a good week of soaking and scrubbing but that pot looks better than a lot of the new pots my kids have. I bet a lot of other cookware manufacturers hated you in the day!

Best investment we ever made.